• April-Focus---Gamification

    April Focus: Gamification

    April Focus: Gamification

    Gamification or game-based learning is a process of infusing gaming elements into tasks, projects and even assessments to create a more engaging experience. Gamification provides opportunities for safe failure, teamwork and motivates participating through rewarding challenges. Join us for Serious Fun An Educational Games Gathering to learn more about gamification in higher […]

  • Serious-Fun-(Commons-Apr-02)

    Serious Fun: An Educational Games Gathering

    Serious Fun: An Educational Games Gathering

    Serious Fun is an engaging event designed to bring together educators and students interested in using games and/or game elements for teaching and learning.

    Highlights this year include:

    • 25 faculty presentations
    • 3D planetarium sessions
    • keynote speaker Amy Fredeen, from e-Line Media

    Friday, April 17th, CPISB Atrium  |  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Register for […]

  • Media-Board-(Commons-Apr-02)

    ePortfolio 2-Day Intensive

    ePortfolio 2-Day Intensive

    Is your program or department considering Digication’s ePortfolio services or have you already begun implementation? If so, sign up for our ePortfolio 2-day intensive. This is a hands-on event to support faculty and programs interested in incorporating ePortfolios. The first day consists of discussions and presentations surrounding pedagogy, ePortfolios, and implementation and […]

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