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    Jennifer Stone

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to embed audio in my online course and I can’t get it to stop autoplaying (it’s so annoying for me that I can only imagine what my students think).  Old lectures that I copied over into Bb don’t have the same issue. Apparently, it’s a known issue for our current version of Bb, but I can’t find info on how to fix it (aside from just attaching the mp3 as a hyperlink rather than having the nifty sound player embedded directly in the item). I’ve tried editing the html, but I keep breaking the code 🙁

    I called IT this morning, but they couldn’t help me–they bumped it to someone with more skills, so I don’t know when I’ll hear back from them.

    Has anyone else had this issue & figured out a way to fix it?

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    Lara N Madden


    Did you ever get a fix for this? I have only dealt with autoplay in YouTube videos and VoiceThread. Both of which you have to turn off in the app before or as you embed it in Blackboard….


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