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    Lee Henrikson

    I have an instructor who just started using SafeAssign. I noticed that inline grading and mass download of the files is not an option with Safe Assign like it is with Assignments (if it is, tell me- somehow I missed that!).

    It’s tedious to download the assignments one at a time from Safe Assign to review. I am thinking of having him set up an assignment, then download the assignments as a zip file. He can upload the zip file to SafeAssign via the Safe Assign Direct Submit in Course Tools.  Then he can review the Matching Report in SafeAssign and either grade in the Inline Assignment tool or by reviewing the downloaded files.   I may get him to look at the inline tool with this process – he’s been resistant to using Bb tools for assignments until this point. (Bad experiences that another instructor had with Bb assignments.)

    I am curious about the workflow that others have developed with SafeAssign.

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